In our media gallery you can see a series of gates realized by sesampoort bv. Here you can see the seamless connection of the sesame gate to the already existing fencing. You can also see the combination with a barrier and advertising of the company on the gate.









The Sesame Gate not only offers an elegant entrance, but has many more advantages such as the applicability when there is a lack of space for a revolving or sliding gate.

Kleur en tekst

Color & Text

When open, the Sesame Gate is a slim eye catcher, especially if it is provided with, for example, your company colors and logo or other texts.



With the LED profile at the bottom of the top beam, when closed, the street below the gate is illuminated in any desired color.



The sesame gate can also be executed in combination with a barrier via a selector switch, it can be chosen whether access is granted via the barrier or the sesame gate.



In De Sesampoort is completely assembled in our workshop and equipped with all peripheral equipment and extras that are desired by the customer.



Safety was the most important point in the development of the Sesame Gate, and of course the Sesame Gate is provided with a CE marking which guarantees safety.